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Roofing expert on the South Shore, in Montreal and on the North Shore

Do you own a home, condo or apartment building? Do you own commercial or industrial premises? If you are looking for an experienced roofer offering professional services, you are in the right place!

At Toiture RFD 2000, we carry out all types of work for residential, commercial and industrial roofs on the South Shore, in Montreal and on the North Shore.

Our Strengths

High Quality Work, Attention to Detail and Attentive Listening

Dedicated Professionals

Our team of 120 employees has solid experience. Benefit from tailored installation, inspection, repair and custom roof repair services offered by our experienced employees.

Major Projects

With more than 30,000 projects completed, our expertise adapts to your needs. For each project, we have your interest at heart and we see it as an opportunity to demonstrate our in-depth knowledge and solid experience in roofing repair.

17 Years of Experience

We are committed to meeting our clients’ expectations while complying with industry standards. With each job that we accept, we consider all the possibilities to ensure that the quality, cost and schedule are respected.

Toiture RFD 2000, your roofing specialist

Like all the professionals working in our teams, our roofers make it a duty to meet the needs of our customers with exemplary rigor. Our strengths: quality work, attention to detail and attentive listening, as well as sound advice that meet your needs.


All our employees are trained continuously, whether they are carpenters, roofers or tinsmiths. In addition, most of them have more than 10 years’ work experience. Our guarantee? Exceptional service, carried out using the most advanced techniques of the industry.

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Cleaning your roof

Toiture RFD 2000—expert roofers servicing Montreal, the South Shore and the North Shore—knows that regularly cleaning your roof can prolong its life and preserve its appearance. That’s why we’ve taken the time to provide you with a few cleaning tips that you can attempt yourself. Of course, some jobs are bigger than others, so it’s…

5 Reasons to install gutters

At Toiture RFD 2000, we firmly believe that rain gutters—properly installed by professionals—are a practical and worthwhile investment for any home. Everyone knows that eavestroughs are used to collect water from the roof and funnel it away from your home. What you might not know is that they save your home from a number of…


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