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Flat Roofs

We work relentlessly for you

Quality flat roofs by our specialists at Toiture RFD 2000 in Montreal

Our flat roof experts will work hard on your roof to provide you with a result of exceptional quality. No matter the size of your project, we are at your service to install, restore or repair your flat roof in Montreal.

The flat roof is often used to obtain a contemporary style that is aesthetic pleasing and allows the owners to install a terrace or a roof garden.

These roofs are used as much for buildings of industrial enterprises as for residential dwellings, more particularly for buildings with housing plex.

Flat roofs can be covered with different types of materials such as: TPO membrane, asphalt and gravel coating, multilayer membrane, elastomeric membrane and EPDM white membrane.

White TPO Membrane Elastomer Membrane
Longevity 30 to 50 years up to 30 years
Cost $$ $$$
Durability +++ ++
Type of membrane system monolayer made with thermoplastic system bilayer made with oil
Characteristics membrane strengthened with fiber Membrane strengthened with glass
Advantages – white coat reflecting the light (helps reduce air conditioning cost)
– Resistance in UV radiation
– Recyclable
– Energy efficiency
– Easily washable surface
– The stagnant water does not decrease its life expectancy
– choices of color
Disadvantages – must be installed by a company specialized in this type of membrane
– Fewer choices of color
– the stagnate water can decrease its life expectancy


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