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Elastomer Membrane

Installation of elastomeric membrane for flat roofs, Greater Montréal

Waterproofing residential or commercial flat roof

The elastomeric membrane is a modified bitumen that has a high quality impermeability. This membrane consists of two superimposed layers. The first layer allows installation while the second layer serves as a finish. Fused with a blowtorch and covered with chippings of the color of your choice, the two membranes ensure a uniform and durable quality of sealing.

The advantages of the elastomeric membrane

The elastomeric membrane is an excellent choice for your roof; A huge number of the flat roofs are made with this membrane offering a long life.

  • Lifetime of 10 to 25 years – a membrane installed by a professional roofer on a ventilated roof can last up to 30 years;
  • Can be installed regardless of outdoor temperature;
  • Resistant to weathering;
  • Requires very little maintenance;
  • Waterproof and durable;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty ranges from 10 to 20 years.

You can choose the color of your membrane from brown, black, gray, red, green or white. In Montreal, more and more municipalities are demanding installation of white roofs to counter the effects of urban heat islands. The white elastomeric membrane lends itself perfectly to this requirement. To learn more about the elastomeric membrane, visit our blog!

A proven technique

Although it is true that there is a new cold installation technique for the elastomeric membrane, it has not been proven in terms of durability and strength. Toiture RFD 2000 wants to offer its customers the best, we prefer to use the traditional torch-laying technique to ensure a watertight, durable and superior roof. In addition, our teams of roofing experts perform an inspection of the work and site after each installation.

Your satisfaction is important to us

Every year more than 1200 customers are satisfied with the services offered by Toiture RFD 2000. Our objective: to offer you the best after-sales service on the market!

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