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Gutter, Soffit, Fascia

Installation of gutters, soffit and fascia in Greater Montréal

For more than 15 years, Toiture RFD 2000 has been offering you the services of a team specialized in the installation of gutters in Montreal, on the South Shore and on the North Shore. As experienced roofers, we are able to offer you a finishing work that meets your expectations: we install the gutters, soffits and fascias (roof edges) at the same time as the work of Roofing.

Our services include:

  • Installation of aluminum gutters (several colors available) with a continuous fastening system;
  • Installation of steel sheet grating protectors on existing gutters;
  • Installation of soffits and fascias (roof edges) made of aluminum or steel;
  • Repair and maintenance of gutters;
  • Cleaning of gutters.

Gutters and installation guaranteed for life!

Toiture RFD 2000 manufactures its gutters on site and tailor-made. Our seamless aluminum gutters are equipped with a continuous hook system that allows the gutter to be fastened along its length more securely than with spaced hooks or nails. This type of attachment better supports the weight of snow and ice and at the same time serves as a gutter guard. The aluminum used is durable and does not rust, which increases the life span of the gutters.

Toiture RFD 2000 is one of the few companies offering a lifetime warranty on its gutters as well as the installation of these. Call us for more information.

High quality products

At Toiture RFD 2000, we do not skimp on the quality of our products. It is with pride that we use the reputed products:

  • T-Rex Gutters

    Rugged and durable, T-Rex gutters are debris proof and feature a revolutionary continuous hook system to keep your gutters firmly attached to your home.

  • Gutter Sentry

    Gutter Sentry gutter protection system provides maximum debris protection to prevent water buildup that could damage your roof rim or roof.

  • Gentek

    Gentek’s range of soffits and fascias (roof rims) offer durable, easy-care products that effectively protect the eaves of your home. These products are offered in a large selection of models and over 30 colors that perfectly fit all property styles.

The benefits of a professional installation

With Toiture RFD 2000, you get a perfect installation of gutters and high performance products. Moreover, you benefit from guarantees, while avoiding falls and injuries. Finally, you save time and money

Keep your gutters clean!

Leaves, debris, and other residue can clog your gutters and cause severe water infiltration problems. The same goes for snow and ice that can accumulate and cause severe damage to your property. In spring, when the snow melts, water that can not flow normally will seek to seep inside.

Toiture RFD 2000 solves all these problems with T-Rex gutters and Gutter Sentry gutter protectors. In addition, we offer you the complete cleaning of your gutters, regardless of the type of system installed.


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