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Maintenance program

Preventive maintenance service by Toiture RFD 2000 for your flat roofs in Montreal

Generally used in industrial and commercial buildings in Montreal, flat roofs require regular maintenance, crucial to prolong their life and avoid structural damage. Our specialists offer a preventive maintenance service that will bring you peace of mind.

Regular Flat Roof Inspection
By inspecting your flat roof regularly, it is easier to anticipate potential problems and adjust them before they even appear. Our team carries out this work by thoroughly examining the surface to ensure its integrity, in search of abnormal accumulation of water, presence of debris, signs of leakage or any alteration (punctured bubbles, Sections that become detached or disintegrate). Of course, drains and vents are also examined. We also check the tightness of your roof and can offer you effective solutions to improve it if necessary.

Maintaining a Flat Roof: Benefits
Our flat roof maintenance service in Montreal allows you to extend the life of a multi-layered asphalt membrane by 5 to 10 years. And this is just one example. Thanks to our intervention, you protect not only your roof but also your whole building whose structure can be seriously damaged by water infiltrations often not covered by insurers. You can therefore achieve substantial savings on future repairs and operating costs. Indeed, you do not have to interrupt your production for a long and costly rehabilitation.

Your flat roof is still under warranty but needs repairs? Do not consider doing the work yourself so you do not lose it! Our preventive maintenance service also offers this advantage: the work to be carried out is spotted in good time by our professionals and executed according to the rules of the art. Contact us for details!


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