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Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection and Maintenance, North Shore, Montreal and South Shore

Toiture RFD 2000 offers a professional inspection service (exterior and interior) and preventive maintenance for all types of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional roofs:

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing
  • Elastomeric membrane
  • TPO Membrane
  • EPDM Membrane
  • Asphalt and gravel roofing

Inspection outside

During an outside inspection, our experts check the integrity of your roof in every detail. Everything is combed to detect anomalies that require corrective action:

  • Degranulated, oxidized membrane;
  • Puddle of water on the membrane, vegetation, moss, leaves, etc .;
  • Deformation, rust, bubbles, etc .;
  • Shingles raised, undulating, cracked, missing, etc .;
  • Apparent or missing nails;
  • And more.


The inspection of the attic or the attic makes it possible to identify many problems that are sometimes not apparent:

  • Insulation problems;
  • Ventilation problems;
  • Molds;
  • Presence of insects or rodents;
  • Water infiltration;
  • And more.

As a result of the inspection, Toiture RFD 2000 will advise you on how to properly maintain your roof to prolong its life. If it is necessary to make some adjustments, our teams will work quickly.

Prevent damage and overburden by having your roof inspected by Toiture RFD 2000.



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