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Roof insulation

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Detection of roof insulation problems

We serve the South Shore, Montreal and the North Shore

The first important signs of poor insulation come from the roof. Toiture RFD 2000 is a specialized roofing insulation company. We have the right expertise to identify and solve insulation problems using sprayed urethane or cellulose fiber, an environmentally friendly material that is 100% recycled.

For new construction, roof repairs or attic insulation, Toiture RFD 2000 experts respect the insulation standards of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

Signs of poor insulation

In winter

  • Walls and floors cold to the touch;
  • Abnormally high heating costs;
  • Traces of mold on walls or ceiling;
  • Ice sheets or ice cubes in the gutters or on the edge of the roof.

In summer

  • High air conditioning costs;
  • Hot indoor air despite a more powerful air conditioning unit
  • Premature wear of roofing

Benefits of Roof Insulation by Specialists

  • Decrease your heating and cooling costs;
  • Optimization of comfort inside the house;
  • Better soundproofing of the ceiling;
  • Improved strength of the life of roof materials;
  • Removal of ice and ice in the gutters and at the edge of the roof.

Toiture RFD 2000 meets all standards of quality and innovation in the industry. In addition, we offer exceptional service to all our customers. Our team of certified professionals moves to check the effectiveness of your roof for insulation. We carry out a multitude of analyzes, including:

  • Verification of the performance of the weatherstripping;
  • Inspection of the thickness of the wool;
  • Examination of the type of insulation (age, condition, qualities, defects, etc.).

We also focus on the soffits to ensure a good ventilation to your property. If necessary, we install attic vents to clear the soffits and improve the ventilation of the roof.

Roofing works guaranteed

Toiture RFD 2000 is a company that distinguishes itself in roof insulation by offering exceptional value for money and extended warranties on products. We are able to offer you the best guarantees thanks to our numerous certifications:

  • IKO Installer Certification
  • BP certification
  • Certainteed certification
  • Firestone
  • Soprema
  • Mule-Hide
  • ShieldPRO plus+tm
  • more…

We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality, state-of-the-art products to meet your roofing needs.


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