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Repair and Refurbishment

Laissez-nous le soin d’entretenir votre toiture

Roof repair and renovation services on the South Shore, in Montreal and on the North Shore

Repair of flat roofs, sloping roofs and roof terraces

Extend the life of your roof

Before considering your roof as irreparable, contact our team of certified professionals, who will travel to inspect and evaluate the effectiveness of your roof.

The repair of an asphalt shingle roof is not done in the same way as repairing a TPO, EPDM or elastomer membrane or that repairing an asphalt and gravel roof. Our experts possess the skills, expertise and experience required to repair all types of residential, commercial or industrial roofs.

The free estimate is made by a specialist who evaluates the extent of the work through a complete visual inspection. If you wish, we can also provide you with a detailed written report of this inspection. This report indicates the recommended repairs and is accompanied by photos.

Water infiltration and roof cracks

Cracks are major damage that causes degradation of the roof’s impermeability. The loss of leakage can have repercussions on the entire property. It is absolutely necessary to repair these cracks to prevent moisture from sneaking inside. We are able to offer you solutions to solve this problem of cracks, from temporary emergency repair to solid repair of permanent repairs.

Infiltrations and water leaks can have serious consequences if you take the problem lightly. Without a repair in the shortest possible time, it is the structure of the roof and insulation that can be compromised that can be compromised. As soon as you notice any sign of leakage, contact our technicians, who will take charge of the situation quickly after a complete inspection of your roof.

In some cases, infiltrations may be caused by damaged roof windows, skylights or skylights. Chips in the glass or degradation of the joints between the window and the roof can create water passages. In this kind of situation, and if necessary, our technicians can easily replace these windows.

Refurbishment of roofs of all kinds

Guaranteed work done by certified experts: an intelligent investment

Before advising you on a refurbishment, our roofer experts will verify if it is possible to replace only the part concerned: the cost of a repairs often proves more advantageous than a refurbishment, ‘Where the importance of being proactive in inspecting and maintaining your roof.

We offer you quality products that come from the biggest manufacturers and that perfectly meet your needs and your budget:

  • Architectural or traditional asphalt shingles
  • TPO Membrane – Your Best Choice!
  • EPDM Membrane
  • Elastomeric membrane
  • Asphalt and gravel


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