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Roof Ventilation

Solutions to roof ventilation problems

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Good adapted ventilation is an important factor influencing the life of your roof. For more than 15 years, Toiture RFD 2000 has met the standards of quality and innovation in ventilation of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional roofs.

The ventilation of the attic: An important factor for the longevity of your roof

In summer, the heat stored in your roof can cause shingle ripple problems and the curl of your roof. Proper ventilation reduces overheating and provides better heat and moisture removal.

In winter, effective roof ventilation prevents ice buildup and prevents a multitude of damage to your property.

Finally, because the interior temperature of your home is higher than that outside, condensation can occur in the attic and lead to the appearance of mold and ice. Proper ventilation will solve this condensation problem.

The advantages of a well-ventilated roof

A well-designed roof ventilation system with air inlets (soffits) and outlets gives you these advantages:

  • Considerable savings on heating and cooling costs;
  • Increased interior comfort;
  • A property in good condition.

Our roof ventilation service

Each year, new ventilation products appear on the market. In order to offer an excellent price / quality ratio, we are proud to work with specialized teams: we trust suppliers of ventilation systems of exceptional quality, including Ventilation Maximum. The ventilation systems we suggest to our customers are tested and they conform to the highest standards.

Visit our Products page to see our top quality products.

Did you know?

Installing a ventilation system in your attic (static ventilator) is now a requirement of the National Building Code of Canada. In addition, roofing manufacturers, such as asphalt shingle manufacturers, require the installation of a roof ventilation system to honor their warranty.


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