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Snow Removal

Snow Removal of Roofs in Montreal, on the North Shore and South Shore

Snow removal, reliable and safe

The winter of Quebec is not always easy! Trust the rooftop residential and commercial roofer experts RFD 2000 for the snow removal of your roof. Whether for prevention or for an emergency, we offer a free estimate service within 48 business hours without any obligation on your part.

Ask Roofing Specialists at Toiture RFD 2000

  • We use proper techniques to clear snow from your roof;
  • We have the right equipment to avoid damaging the sealing membrane;
  • We establish the security perimeter around the building – as recommended by CNESST.

Temperature variation during the winter or snow accumulation can cause various problems for your roof – whether it be a sloped roof or a flat roof:

  • Large temperature variations over short periods of time may prevent drainage of water to the drain.
  • The drain may be clogged by snow or ice accumulation;
  • The weight of accumulated snow can affect the structure of your building.

Safety instructions for owners

As a preventive measure and in order to ensure public safety, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) and your insurer issues this advice to help owners determine the needs before an emergency occurs.

  • Keep an eye on snow accumulation in your roof to avoid damaging your structure and risk of collapse;
  • Pay special attention to excessive snow loads on vaulted or rounded roofs.


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